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Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

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Making Your Will

We think making a Will is for later life, but whatever our age, it is an important part of planning for the future. By making a Will, and where appropriate, a Power of Attorney we ensure that:

    Our assets go where we intend.
    Our family members and loved ones are properly cared for.
    Our favourite causes benefit.
    We minimise tax and leave behind the largest possible sum.

If you have property, or a family who depend on you, it is particularly important to have a Will and to review it regularly, especially if your circumstances may have changed. Our expert team of wills and estate planning lawyers has guided thousands of clients safely and sensitively through the process, ensuring with strategic planning that they make the choices that are right for them. 

What are the risks?

Not making a will, or making one without the right advice, risks our assets not going where we want them to, unnecessary stress for those we leave behind, and a higher tax bill.

Is it expensive?

Making a will need not be expensive. In almost every case, we will quote you a fixed fee, so that you have complete certainty about cost before we do any work.

For a friendly, no-obligation chat with one of our experts, get in touch.

Our experienced solicitors have in depth knowledge and regularly advise clients on all aspects of Wills, trusts, and other estate planning concerns. If you need advice, our approachable wills and estate planning team at Ness Gallagher are here to help. 


  • What happens if you die without a Will?

    If you die without a Will (known as dying intestate), or your Will is found to be invalid, your estate will be divided according to a set of legal rules ­– the Rules of Intestacy. These may not reflect your wishes and could mean your loved ones will not automatically inherit from your estate. As such, it is important to write down your wishes in a valid legal document and ensure you keep it up to date.   

  • What makes a Will valid?

    For a Will to be considered valid in Scotland, it must be: 
    ● made voluntarily, ● in writing, ● made by a person 12 years old or above who is of sound mind, ● signed by the person creating the Will, and● signed in front of a witness.

  • How often should I review my Will?

    If you already have a Will but your circumstances have changed, it is crucial that you update your Will to reflect your current wishes. There are particular life events where you should seek legal advice about reviewing your Will, especially when you get married, divorced or have new children/grandchildren. If you fail to update your Will, this can cause added stress for those who are left out of your Will or your Will could be contested.

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“Ness Gallagher have represented McGarry Flooring & Contracts Ltd for all our legal requirements for over twenty years.We have always been afforded outstanding service with the whole team working diligently and discreetly to advise and guide us through the many challenges we meet in business today”

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"Ness Gallagher provide a wide range of legal services and I am always confident in their advice."

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"We have been dealing with Ness Gallagher for over 20 years and have always found them pleasant to deal with, offering professional advice on all legal matters in a prompt and efficient manner."

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"Two generations of our family have relied on Ness Gallagher providing legal assistance for over 40 years.Their guidance and expertise in diverse areas such as the preparation of wills, winding up of estates, and buying and selling property has been invaluable. In all cases the entire process is handled in a friendly, professional manner with a welcome personal touch. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending their services."

The Doran and Mullen families, Wishaw