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Turkey reconciliations or surviving the holidays in an unhappy marriage?

Turkey reconciliations or surviving the holidays in an unhappy marriage?

Emotions always run high at Christmas time, so whether it is the thought of spending another unhappy Christmas with your partner and the in-laws, the strain on your relationship from squandering so much money over the festivities, or the looming arguments that arise from spending more time together under the one roof, it is common for the festive season to drive couples over the edge.

When children are involved, family issues can be particularly stressful and emotional. But in reality, divorce is not like the movies with a husband and wife fighting like cat and dog. It can be difficult when a couple are no longer in love and want different things in life, however there are ways to find a resolution that works for both parties, and most importantly for any children involved.

If Christmas is not likely to be the fairytale event like the Hallmark movies and you are thinking of separating, below are the first steps you should take:

  • Note down dates of separation – this is important, in particular in relation to financial matters
  • Take an inventory of your assets (both individual and as a couple) and likewise any debts that you or your partner owe
  • Open up a separate email account so you can communicate with your lawyers safely and privately
  • If you do have children, ensure that you are clear in your head how you will arrange things for them, in both the short and the long-term

Our family team have vast experience dealing with separation and divorce, and Louise Gillies who heads up the Family Law team at Ness Gallagher is a member of the Family Law Association, is an Accredited Mediator in Family Mediation and is also a member of CALM Scotland (Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediators). This means that she is an experienced lawyer-mediator who can help you achieve a peaceful and constructive resolution to difficult family situations. Often this means sorting things out on a level deeper than arguing in court.

It is a sad, but well known, fact that marriages break up at Christmas. You don’t need to go into the new year in fear. Our knowledge and experience in the field of family law will ensure you are in good hands and that any conflict is handled as harmoniously and efficiently as possible so that you can look forward to 2023.