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Do you need a document notarised?

Do you need a document notarised?

Often you will need a document notarised and we can help. Our solicitors are also Notary Publics so can countersign documents for you, from foreign powers of attorney to divorce applications to countersigning passport application forms.

  1. Are you getting married overseas? 
  2. Do you need a Notary Public to authenticate personal documents for immigration purposes?
  3. Are you applying to work overseas and need a notary public to authenticate your identity?
  4. Do you have to deal with assets abroad? If you want to purchase property overseas or need to administer an estate where the deceased lived abroad, you will need a notary public to authenticate documents
  5. Do you need business documents authenticated?
  6. If you intend to emigrate, you will need legal documents witnessed by a Notary Public for emigration purposes
  7. Do you need a witness for an Affidavit for court?
  8. Do you need a notary public to sign your divorce application?

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